Insta Aero APK 21.0.0 Download Official App 2023

Get the Insta Aero app now in vibrant colors and enjoy all the benefits like No Ads, Downloading IGTV Video, Downloading Reels and Photos.

More than half of the world’s population uses social media platforms, with popular networks like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Snapchat leading the charge. People love Instagram for their photos. Instagram is a photo-friendly platform that allows users to share their personal and business stories through photos and videos. We will always be grateful to the world for these opportunities.

Mods are modified versions of the official Instagram app that address the missing features. Although almost every social app has its own version, we would like to take a look today at Instamod APK, one of the most popular mods on Instagram. This amazing android app fills in some of the gaps that prevent Instagram from maximizing its social capabilities. We’ll be looking at the buzz surrounding this Instagram mod to see if it’s worth all the attention.

What is Insta Aero APK?

Insta Aero APK, an Insta Mod, provides users with all the functions of the official Instagram platform along with many other unlocked features that can improve their online experience. Imagine, for instance, that you are in someone’s DM and compose a private message. The normal Instagram app would allow the intended recipient to read what you are typing before you even send it. As long as they are online, every letter, stroke and character will be visible to them while you type.

These situations can be frustrating because you may have accidentally written something that wasn’t intended for their eyes. However, before you can make any changes they will already have read every word. Insta Pro APK aims to fix this and other problems on the app. This mod will also address flaws such as ads, the wide selection of themes, download capabilities, configurations, settings and settings related posts and stories, and useful tools that allow users surf the platform like ghosts.

Download Insta Aero APK Official for Android

Although you might be skeptical about the necessity to install Insta Thunder Apk APK onto your phone, this guide will help you to identify what you are missing. Although the official Instagram app may be convenient for most people, it’s not sufficient for those who use it a lot. It is also insufficient for privacy-conscious socialites and fans. Imagine your Instagram app being able to lock with your fingerprint and pin code. While some might argue that you could do the same with your phone settings, I doubt your original Instagram app allows you to do the exact same thing.

Imagine yourself being able to download any chat media or video file you like without the need for an external video downloader program. Sounds exciting, right? This is just the beginning of what Insta Aero can offer. You can also read the article to see all of the features. Below is a link to download Insta Aero APK free of cost.

Download Media

Instander Apk, as mentioned, allows users to download any file including IGTV, Photos and Videos. The app comes pre-installed with a downloader that allows you to set your own download path, and saves your videos on your device’s storage. Chat media files include voice, photos and videos from any chat or DM. This is something that is not possible in the official app without an external downloader. You can also set up download notifications to display notifications about posts that you have downloaded. Users can also split download media by username. This allows users to download posts to a subdirectory that was created with their username on the IG account.


Hidden messages can be used to hide the contents of read messages. This will prevent the sender knowing you have received and opened their message. You can read any message and not have to reply immediately by disabling the “seen notification”. The “typing” sign can be seen by anyone on the other end when you are about to send a message. Insta Aero makes it possible to hide this feature, thus increasing your privacy. To hide your view status, you can hide what others have posted. Finally, hide view live allows you to access any live stream without being dictated.


To protect your Instagram account, you can use pin and fingerprint codes. You can also reset your security preferences to prevent outsiders from accessing your app. You can also set a timeout to lock the app when the time limit expires. You can even choose the background image that you would like to see when you unlock the app. Notifications of messages are hidden from the lock screen if a security profile has been activated.

Disable all ads

This feature allows you to customize the Insta Aero and set your preferences. All ads can be disabled, even those in your stories or feeds. You can also hide shopping ads from different posts and screens. To prevent these people from being visible in the content they share, users can remove friends from their Instagram feed. You can disable analytics to stop Instagram from gathering data about your account. However, this can impact business accounts because the owners won’t be able to see any data about the business’s effectiveness.


This option allows users to play sound stories, improve reels upload quality and increase IGTV upload Quality. These options can be used to improve the quality of reels or IGTV posts. Stories auto skip can be disabled. This prevents stories being skipped until the screen is touched. This feature is only available for video-based stories. You can change the font style of the “Typewriter” story, remove any black borders and stop the Insta Aero cropping stories. These functions will make your online story experience amazing.


You can view any post with image content on fullscreen using the InstaAero Apk app on your phone. You can zoom in and out to see as much as you like. You can also download posts by double-tapping them three times, double tap a post to like, and show the first media for posts that have multiple media. You can also disable media playback, which stops videos from playing until you tap on them. This saves you tons of internet bandwidth. You can also remove liked posts, disable media autoplay, and enable comment copy, translate, and always start videos with sound.


These settings include preferences and configurations that will allow the translation engine to translate the comments. This feature will translate any comments or posts in a foreign language to your liking. You can change the language you want to translate, or if it isn’t listed, you can choose “use phone language.”


This feature allows you to access useful, optional, and downloadable modules that can be used with the Insta Aero app. Account analysis allows users to view a detailed graphic module and provides information about your Instagram account, including followers, story analysis, engagement and post details.


You can choose from a variety of customization options to improve your Instagram. You can pick a background color that you want for your chats. You can also choose how the gradient color will be used. You can also choose to use an image for your chat background, instead of the standard boring one. These customization options give users more control over Instagram and allow them to make changes that add life to the app.


Insta Aero APK allows users to set their preferences and configure various services, such as disabling automatic updates and enabling crash reports for Android devices.


The about section contains information about the app’s creator and official websites. Other useful information is also available, including a list with translators who can translate the app to different languages. You can also find other social accounts of the developer, such as Instagram, and follow them.

Last words

You’re now familiar with all the features of Aero Insta and can download it right away to explore every feature. It’s free to download and has revolutionized the way people use Instagram to communicate. Don’t miss out! Enjoy the latest Insta Aero version.