What is the role of CRM in marketing and how its drives your business success

A powerful and integrated CRM plays a critical role in business success. Alongside it helps in optimizing sales and service by empowering your support agents to deliver customer-centric interactions.

Let’s dive in!

Improved Access to Data

By data we are talking about customer data. With a well integrated CRM solution, agents have better access to customer data without, which helps them deliver more efficient and personalized solutions. ConvergeHub CRM system offers contact center agents with enhanced tools and features, which enable them to provide experiential customer service.

Unified Customer Details

CRM integration with marketing automation tools assist agents with friction free customer service. Unlike a simple call center software that simply generate IVR requests, ConvergeHub offers

  • Customer info on a single screen.
  • Agents no longer need to juggle back-and-forth to fetch the call history or the past records of purchase or service requests.
  • Reduced AHT with improved call resolution.

Know Your Caller

Proactive response determines the efficiency of the customer service in recent times. For that, agents need to have a 360-degree view of the callers. ConvergeHub enables agents to know the caller prior to answering their calls. Here’s how:

  • Detailed Caller information on the screen as soon as the call gets connected.
  • Detailed insight on IVR request generations.
  • One click screen change based on IVR inputs

With such a convenience, an agent does not require to put much manual effort, while addressing the caller’s concern.

Leverage pre-built gadgets

ConvergeHub empowers agents with a full-fledged ERP solution that consists of prebuilt gadgets and tools for streamlined processes. It comes with an agent performance dashboard that helps supervisors to keep a tab on the teams’ performance. Tools like ticketing gadgets help generate service requests in the most hassle-free manner. There’s an agent scripting gadget, which enables agents to have a seamless interaction with the customer.

Improved Communication & Accountability

Integration with a powerful CRM suite enables employees across departments to share accurate information about customers through their updates. Let’s say, a sales associate has got some important updates to share with his team members, which is also important for a customer service agent to track if any particular service case is addressed. Accordingly, they need to take necessary steps.

Seamless CRM integration makes information sharing across departments a breeze. It improves accountability as every member across departments stay abreast of their individual responsibilities, which further boosts your contact center’s productivity levels. Since individual team members are already aware of the responsibilities they remain accountable for both success and failure in the customer lifecycle.

It ensures efficiency with an array of features, each of which can be customized as per your business needs. Here’s what it offers:

Reduced Average Handling Time (AHT)

A powerful CRM integration helps in establishing seamless connection with a multitude of third party applications, thus bringing everything in a single unified location. The benefits?

  • Improved First Call Resolution ( FCR) rates
  • Read & write data for faster call disposition
  • Deliver omnichannel customer experience

Hassle free Distribution of IVR inputs

A robust contact center software integration facilitates dynamic distribution of relevant information to the concerned departments as per the IVR inputs. Let’s just say, a concern is raised against the sales department and as soon as the customer service agent receives the call, he/she passes on the relevant info to the sales department as IVR inputs. It facilitates quick redressal of the issues and significantly improves FCR. The integration results in:

  • Dynamic screen change for every call based IVR variables
  • Seamless notification to the agents and the concerned department about the relevant information
  • Transforming customer service into customer delight

Biggest library of Integration

From CRM, Ticketing, EMR/EHR, Banking Applications, Legacy systems to your internal database, it offers hassle free connection with each and every third party 3rd party applications.

  • Seamless connection of Universal Connector with your database
  • Integrate any application with open API
  • Library of 70+ applications that are available for ready integration with Avaya Contact Centers

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Well-integrated contact centers result in full-fledged operational efficiency. From enhanced communication across departments to increased FCR rates, agents can deliver friction-free customer interaction. There’s zero manual processes and fact-checking. Moreover, a CRM database of any robust system like ConvergeHub enables marketing managers to have a better insight on customer needs based on the purchase history. As a result, it becomes somewhat easier for them to create targeted marketing campaigns, re-marketing drives, customer retention plans, which culminates into highly effective lead management.

Final Takeaway

Basically, CRM integration ensures streamlined processes across departments with significantly reduced manual processes. Which means, any organization can invest less on human resources and save time as well, by investing wisely on a powerful CRM. It results in overhead cost reduction while increasing 10X productivity level.

But, the fact is many companies are already having call center software and investing again on a CRM suite becomes way too expensive for them. That’s where a call-center CRM steps in. Apart from providing what call center software already provides, it comes with a 360-degree view of the customers’ interest. Products like ConvergeHub offer valuable real-time metrics and KPIs which help in formulating sales and marketing strategies sans additional telecom hardware or integration.